The Future of Social Media Marketing

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Where will social media marketing be in 2020 and in the future? Which platforms will continue to grow and which ones will fall?

With the internet, business and information travels a lot of faster than it used to. And with that, everything happens faster and quicker nowadays. Social Media is the same. It allows businesses to explode with a snap of a finger and really dominate their industry through ecommerce.

Brands that adapt fast thrive, and brands that are waiting for the data to make the shift will die. Corporate companies move too slow.

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Social media is constantly changing. As fast as social media can propel and elevate your business, the market place for social media attention can change as well. The social media platforms that will continue to be dominant are Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIN (and kinda Facebook). Focus your energy on platforms where organic reach is still possible.

I think these trends will continue to be relevant in 2020, so implement these strategies because they will have at least a 6 month lifespan before there might be some kind of iteration in methods or platform’s algorithms.

Now, the prize horse that you should be jumping on right now is Tik Tok. If a video goes viral, you can port all of those followers onto your main platforms like Instagram or YouTube. You may say that Tik Tok is for kids, which it is right now. But social media platforms always age up. Look at Facebook, or Instagram that first started for millennials, and college kids. Now grandma spends more time on Facebook than in front of the television.

I also want to touch on the opportunity of VR entering into the social media space. Facebook is jumping into the game with their Oculus as well as this VR platform they will soon integrate. People are already on social media consuming for pleasure. Now imagine if the mixture with real life became even that much more relevant.

With an estimated 3.5 billion users globally, social media has revolutionized how we connect with each other. Through the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, people from different parts of the world can share snapshots of their lives and hang out in the digital world. But, where will people connect in the future?

My money is on virtual reality.

Virtual reality allows us to connect and to share on a whole new level. It enables us to gather with friends anywhere on the globe and share experiences that would never be possible in the real world (think fighting dragons), or you can just hang out watching movies together. Not only can people enrich existing friendships, but they can also make new friends through the ever-growing catalog of social VR experiences.

Crazy stuff! And I want everyone who watches our videos to be prepared!

And you may ask, but if I spend my time on these platforms and they die, didn’t I waste all of my time? No. Is Vine still around? No. But some of Vine’s biggest creators, transitioned their audience from Vine onto the next platform and are just as big if not bigger. If you build a strong following on a platform and focus on growing your connection and relationship with them, then you can always transition to the next platform.

The first step in social media marketing and dominating your space is to take it seriously. As a business, you really have to find out ways you can use social media to grow your business and increase your exposure on these platforms. Make sure you have the momentum going into 2020.


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