Satoshi’s Bitcoin Moving the Market? How to Trade With Leverage, Technical Analysis Tips

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02:12 What is your reading of the current Bitcoin price movements?

10:17 How will this week's Golden Cross impact the price?

14:49 Are moving averages useful indicators for traders?

19:14 What's your favourite trading indicator?

23:16 When did the switch between techincals and fundamentals occure?

25:38 Did the transfer of alleged Satoshi Bitcoins cause yesterday's price drop?

28:48 Did whales take advantage of the situation in order to sell without causing slippage in the price?

31:37 Is high volatility actually good for Bitcoin traders?

34:21 Can you see the 4-month head and shoulder pattern?

35:51 Are highly leveraged exchanges the cause of Bitcoin's volatility?

43:08 How do you use leverage?

45:30 Paul Tudor Jones being bullish. Would drastic corrections draw these kind of investors away?

48:48 Price volatility in the times of crisis

52:15 Is Bitcoin options market data a good indicator of future price movements?

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