Roger Ver Interview: My crypto portfolio; Bitcoin Bullrun; Will Bitcoin be #1 crypto in 10 years?

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Watch Roger Ver’s brand new interview with Colin Talks Crypto about the upcoming BTC bull run fee predictions; opinion on Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ripple; and see all coins from Roger’s crypto portfolio!

All credits go to Colin Talks Crypto:

Follow Colin:
Twitter: (@ColinTCrypto)

00:23 - Colin’s Introduction + BTC transaction fees prediction
01:43 - Roger talks about his lockdown days in Saint Kitts; Colin’s life in Puerto Rico
03:03 - Renouncing US Citizenship & Taxes Funding War Machines
04:25 - Puerto Rico vs. Saint Kitts tax havens
05:56 - Saint Kitts BCH Merchants
06:21 - is saved from closing
06:34 - Upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run Transaction Fee Predictions
07:32 - $1000 BTC transaction fees (over 28,000 instances)
09:17 - $100 BTC transaction fees (over 300,000 instances)
09:39 - Roger's prediction on average Bitcoin transaction fees in the future
10:07 - BTC has been slower than mailing physical gold
11:33 - Bitcoin Core developers want fees to be high
12:43 - Bitcoin Censorship and Totalitarian Rule
14:50 - Bitcoin devs want to rewrite the whitepaper
16:09 - Why do BTC developers want high fees? Importance of cheap & fast user experience
19:55 - Merchants left Bitcoin due to high fees & slow transactions
20:17 - Deep state infiltration of BTC & Bitcoin ruled as “property” instead of “money”
21:42 - Will BTC be the #1 crypto in 5-10 years?
22:16 - Roger's recent BTC transaction got stuck; he paid with BCH to process it for a Bitcoin Mining Pool
23:00 - Roger's experience with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ripple transactions
23:34 - Opinion on the Wallet & Trust Wallet
25:38 - Colin's prediction
26:31 - What is the status with the Miner Donation Fund for Developers?
28:27 - New BCH Developments coming soon: Cash Fusion Privacy Today!
32:44 - All non-privacy coins have a history
33:43 - Try Cash Fusion Privacy Today on Desktop:
34:03 - Roger’s Crypto Portfolio
35:29 - A cryptocurrency’s utility is the key to its value
36:00 - New features (BTC to BCH Swap, New $10,000 daily buy limit, Merchants, Buy Flights with BCH)
38:22 - Final words: Think for Yourself

$55 average fee in Dec 2017:

BTC Transactions that have paid over $100 fee:,output_count(2..),fee_usd(100..)&s=fee_usd(desc)#

BTC Transactions that have paid over $1,000 fee:,output_count(2..),fee_usd(1000..)&s=fee_usd(desc)#
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