New Singaporean Crypto Exchange COINKEEPER + @John Mcafee @Apollo Currency Update + Crypto Promotion

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Time line
4:08 (John Mcafee )
7:44 (xrp failed prediction)
9:41 (Apollo Currency)
12:58 (Crypto promos)

A new Crypto exchange based in Singapore opens up Voting Contest for Cryptocurrency Projects with High rewards for the Lucky voters and Lucky Projects.
Go vote for your Favorite Crypto Project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: If your project is not there, then you can simply Suggest it to the Admin in the Group.
John McAfee says Bitcoiun will be Over thrown by other newer Blockchains in the crypto Space, calls Bitcoin an Ancient Tech.

Says A group of 11 individuals built Bitcoin over a dozen of years.
This 11 includes Adams Back and Craig Wright etc.....

John goes further to say that XRP is not the Future when asked if XRP is the Future by one of his followers .

XRP prediction gone Wrong :(

Apollo Currency Gives Update on the Re-branding from the Privacy to more Fin-Tech Entity, says this will help them In their National Currency Initiative.

Gives Update On CEX and DEX and the 9 New products to be released which will enable them provide solutions to Africa's problems and other countries such as those in Asia and Middle East.
We hope to see this Rock the Crypto Space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alt.coin Daily, one of the Best crypto currency YouTuber and influencer is offering to make a Crypto review of projects .

UpTrend - A New-Era Social Media Platform,
created with the sole purpose of empowering the people.

Is currently offering Exposure to the Most Voted platform on their Poll.
A free Video review made by AltcoinBuzzio and a Boosted 20k views from the Uptrend Platform.

So if you've got some favorite Crypto, go Hit them up.

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