Is Ripple XRP Good Investment For The Future?

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Is Ripple's XRP a good investment for the future? That is what we are going to go in detail in today's video. We will talk a bit about the history and background of both Ripple and XRP and then move on to what the future might hold for this crypto.

A lot of videos about XRP crypto don't tell the truth but in this video you will get an idea of how Ripple is operating the company and what it is doing so that the price of XRP will increase in the future. Unlike other videos, we will focus on how XRP as an investment will be good for you or not.

Below are the timestamps for things talked about in the video:

1:52 Ripple vs XRP
3:04 What Ripple wants from XRP
4:09 RippleNet
4:28 ODL
5:10 Xpring
6:06 Centralized vs decentralized
7:17 XRP future
10:58 XRP competition

Let me know what you think regarding XRP whether it's as a good future investment or not in the comment section below. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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